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The Best Advice I Have to Give

The Best Advice I Have to Give

For my son, the best of the advice you’re tired of hearing me give. Make your own life and write your own rules, but these are yesterday’s lessons, and you don’t need to learn them again.

  • Ask a friend before you ask the Internet.

  • Don’t imagine what you might regret; remember what you have regretted.

  • Never order a hamburger unless it says “hamburgers” on the door.

  • Don’t spend your attention where you wouldn’t spend your money.

  • Try to think—only!—two steps ahead.

  • Don’t confuse assumption with prediction—either nothing or everything is a coincidence.

  • Don’t choose what to give away; choose what to keep.

  • Tattoo a swallow on your hand the first time you sail around Cape Horn—and never before that.

  • Remember 1.) that you have the power to shape your life; and 2.) that you’ve been using it.

  • Shop at the store with the worst return policy.

  • Use the words “I” and “you” when you agree—and never when you don’t.

  • Occasionally ask yourself what you’d be doing if there were no such thing as money.

  • Avoid sugar.

  • stop before you get carried away.